The longly anticipated wait -(for me) for this book ended yesterday. I have read this book cover to cover and its banging like a benzie…

European graffiti for me was only London up until the age of 18/19 and seing the shit over there when i was 13 got me hooked- particularly the massive FUME DDS trackside blockbuster in crome/black/red final in old Wild Western style text fuckin blew my mind completely.

This book is really well made with some very rare interviews with some of the best and most imfamous. The point to come from it is that after the landmark jail sentances for the DPM crew – graf has become an even tuffer sport and risk in a country that saw earlier generations get away with more but over time that became even more Krypton factor-esque…

The fotos are fuckin amazing too – Teach stands out…

This book is similar in the rarity of the interviewed people to the Overground books but i prefer the London heads interviewed.

I did think it was a little strange Revok MSK got a 4page inclusion for a 2week long stay in the city? he did kill it and is worthy of most books but the likes of Oker,Bise,Skore didnt get a look in , and Banos & Pubes who were also on the Revok tourist painting spree didnt get a mention?

doesnt detract from the book – its fuckin dope !

go buy it now

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