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1. Tell us who you are, how you came about your name, what crews you rep and how long you have been writing?
I Write Roach for TGS (Top Dawgs) & DRS (Dirty Rottens). I Wrote for many years under a few different names, Roach is now 6 years old bringing my painting lifespan to 16 years. Roaches are comparable to graffiti. they’re everywhere, in the cracks and crevices of our cities, you can squash one or two but there will always be more.
2. Who was your biggest influence when coming up?
My brother Numskull & all my DRS TGS mates all influenced me in a competitive sense\
Style wise, i grew up in Sydney Australia,  it was about KOC, SWB, BCF, SFX, IBS, TM, TNS, ML, WL . They were notably the progressive and most organised crews in my time growing up.
3. Favourite 5 pieces of all time and why ?
This is why i haven’t got this back to you for a while… this one is impossible so i just picked a few things i could think of that are really impressive in my eyes.
Os Gemeos in Boston – its placement and scale is so incredible…these guys never cease to blow me away each and every time.
Horfé and Cony in Vardo – So raw… horfe can make anything look crazy with one colour.
Twist and Amaze in New York City – I Love people that really Love tags.
Gary in Brighton – Gary is the originator of type style pieces. ridiculously stylish and crazy clean.
Yanoe Seiko Jade – People often don’t do gangster highway shit like this in Oz… its kind of a landmark on our east coast.
4. Favourite city and why ?

I’d be lying if i said anywhere else but Sydney but i went to New york last year and had a sick time with Yok and Shanky. its definitely got a great energy as everyone always describes.
5. Favourite food / drink /?

Chicken Crimpys They’re an oval Chicken biscuit with a crimped boarder, they’re the shit!
Carlton Draught – straight up no tricks.
6. Biggest vice ?
Biting my nails.
7. Biggest Gripe ?
Othe people’s Laziness.
8. Favourite shoe?
Airmax 90’s – walking on a cloud\’85. no crazy colour ways.
9. Favourite 5 Bands listening to right now ?
The Amity Affliction
10. Favorite tool of the trade and why?
Astro cap nozzles it takes so much of the hard work away. All the fun parts are reached faster.
pens – anything with a steel tip pentel white out, krink…
11. Favorite handstyle?
Basically anything kinda loose, wild, overlappy  with ridiculous doo dads, tag clusters, blob bleeders, drunkstyle, repetition.
12. 3 people you would love to have a pint with and why?
1. Ricky gervais, Steven Merchant & Karl Pilkington 100%. I have listened to ALL of their many podcasts a ridiculous ammount of times.. to the point where i actually think ‘we would be mates…. it’s pathetic.
13. Any writer you think that duznt get enough shine?
You have to work fucking hard to get shine these days.there are so many people doing fucking crazy shit these days.
14. Can you give us a brief run down on TGS and what you guys are about?
TGS (THE GOONIES) is ME, BLUES, BEASTMAN, NUMSKULL, OMAS, YOK, TWOONE, DINGO, and a few other people i might have dropped in drunk and forgotten. its a bit of fun.. its not really about breakdancing or acapella shit, more about capping your mates and sending them flicks of it in stages.
15. Last time you were caught doing something ?
Last week i got called out Ripping off Australias most famous floral pattern designer FLORENCE BROADHURST\’85 she’s been dead for years!!!! her ghost called me out for straight biting…
16. 5 things that are within arms reach of where you are right now?

phone, kingfisher beer, coffee cup, nike roche’s, chicken twisties
17. what would u grab from your burning house?
My art collection, my laptop, few rare books,  hands would be full with that.
18. 3 things to do before you die ?
World spraycation,
A pint with Ricky gervais, Steven Merchant & Karl Pilkington
give up smoking.
What are you interested in outside of graf?
I curate 2 galleries and have orbiting interests in typography & Signage\’85 but ultimately I’m only interested in GRAFF.
20. any upcoming projects- shouts \’96 final words !
For everything good in indoor activities –
For everything good in outdoor activities –
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  1. Blah says:

    This guy’s biting Gary HARD on a couple of those pieces.

  2. Dr. Evil says:

    Its a font.

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