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1. Tell us who you are, how you came about your name, what crews you rep and how long you have been writing?









I write Ouch, I came up with it awhile back when I was in between words. I really liked it because it was and still is very challenging for me. I think thats why I kept it. I go by Ouchey as well. I have been writing since 1999, I rep THR, MLS and Qset




2. Who was your biggest influence when coming up?









My biggest influence coming up was Diefor, he goes by cash1st sometimes as well. I met him around 9 years ago I guess. He really showed me the ways on structure and style. I still don’t really know why he chose to be my guide. Changed my life though really, he looked after me in life, graffiti and beef.
And second to him would be vic20, he really taught me how to push myself on a bombing level that i needed. He also gave me a lot of advice and helped me get out of crime. i consider these two guys to be very important to me and helped me out with many things. special thanks to both of them.




3. Favourite 5 pieces of all time and why – (please include links)









to me this piece is just so damn hard, WWL has the ability to rape any city he goes to and what he can to do transit is just so damn impressive. he will do in a week what others do in a year.

this dude and his boys are what I grew up seeing and much respect to them.
Dondi hands down to me is one the best if not the best at this. I learned so much and was inspired by him so many times over the years
this isn’t my favorite of his work but I really like what he does and respect his stance on transit
this isn’t my favorite of his work but this speaks volumes about him. i encourage any and everyone to check his work out if you can.




4. Favourite city and why ?









My favorite city is Seattle. I’ve never really thought about why I like it but I just do. I’ve met a lot of great people all over and had some great times in other places. I like it in Seattle.



















5. Favourite food / drink /?









My favorite food is pizza, all types and my favorite drink is Perrier.




6. Biggest vice ?









My biggest vice is probably tequila.




7. Biggest Gripe ?









I would have to say my biggest gripe is people not minding their own business, people not being able to mind their own business can really mess with peoples lives.




8. Favourite shoe?









Favorite shoe? damn that is hard one, as far as what i own and wear from time to time would be Addidas sambas or a good old fashioned Airmax. I really like some of the early year jordans though I’ve never owned them except for an old pair Diefor kicked me down.




9. Favourite 5 tracks ?









“Your protector” by the Fleet Foxes off of Fleet Foxes
“Only son of the ladies man” by Father John Misty off of Fear Fun
“22 2’s” by Jay-Z off of Reasonable Doubt
“Hit ‘em up” By 2-Pac (cant remember the album, video included)
“Gimme the loot” by Biggie off of Ready To Die
(not in that order)




10. Favorite tool of the trade and why? ( Eg. paint, mean streak etc)?









Any can of paint with a rusto fat on it.




11. Favorite handstyle ( apart from your own !)?









TWIST, DIEFOR, SOBER, VIC20, GREY, TWIGS, AMAZE, JADE.. I could go on and on…




12. 3 people you would love to have a pint with and why?









) My cat Stinkey, I wish he could get beers with me.
2) Dondi, nuf said.
3) My brother Casey, I don’t get to see him enough.




13. Any writer you think that duznt get enough shine?









This is hard question to answer because i feel too many writers are not getting what they have rightfully earned. I’m not going to pick any one person because its just too difficult.




14. Can you give us a brief run down on THR and what you guys are about?









I’m only close to a few people in it. I don’t consider myself to be a heavy hitting member though i try my hardest to make everyone proud, and do my best to rep the shit out it. For me though i would say its about painting graffiti to the best of my abilities and not stoppin’ for no one and nothing ever.




15. Last time you were caught doing something ?









I got caught up painting but that was years ago. knock on wood.



















16. 5 things that are within arms reach of where you are right now?









the five things within arms reach are
1) my cat
2) my phone
3) my girlfriend
4) a pen
5) a beer




17. what would u grab from your burning house?









Thats a tough question, the ninja turtle sleeping bag i used as a kid and a book hops gave me for my birthday last year. I would say my cat too but he’d already be gone and prolly be thinking im stupid for going into a burning house.



















18. 3 things to do before you die ?









So much to do and so little time!
1) eat pizza in Italy
2) go to Australia
3) paint more transit




19. What are you interested in outside of graf?









Im into traveling, hanging out with my friends and family, and just having a good time. I think there is something to be said about a good conversation over a nice meal with people you care about. I enjoy making pizza, I’ve been doing it for a decade and still love it.




20. any upcoming projects- shouts – final words !









I’m always trying to stay busy with work, traveling and graffiti in general. special shouts to Diefor,  Hops, Vic20, Zae, Trees. you guys have been really supportive of me.
special thank you to my brother casey for believing me in my work.
shouts to everyone in THR MLS Qset and my family, I love all y’all!
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