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Artillery Magazine – Chapter Six teaser.

More soon.

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laser bcn


Some really nice work and photography coming out of Laser in Barcelona…


LASER CITY DOGS (making off) from Laser Barcelona on Vimeo.

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bite it magazine

Just got this in the post this morning – really nice and well designed graff mag for a change. Good content too – Flies, Petro, Great, Zomby etc

Go check out their site and go get one – well worth it

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sonar 2011



Free Download previews of all this years artists performing at Sonar 2011 Barcelona

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♦ probation vacation ♦





Just got sent a copy of this book today. Its like a really well made zine – not photocopied shit, nice layout and cool photography.

Nice touch with the handmade cover and stickers also included. This is a cool book by two of our favourite writers and one that you need for your collection

before it sells out. Real nice design – dope handstyles too and a real good price . Official blurb and links below


Probation Vacation is the long-awaited debut book by Danielle Bremner and Jim Clay Harper VI.  Probation Vacation showcases

a selection of photographs from Bremner and Harper’s vast archive of rare images that, until now, have been viewed by only their closest confidants.

For the first time ever the general public will be granted an insider’s glimpse into their exclusive and often inaccessible world through 36 full color pages.

Product Details

-Heavy Cardstock cover

-No two covers are alike! – Each cover features a unique handwritten sticker.

-Saddle Stitching

-36 Full Color offset printed pages

-Product Dimensions: 6×6 inches

-Protective plastic case

-Limited Edition of 760 copies

Available Here !

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Tools of Criminal mischief – Roger Gastman







Just got sent this new book by Roger Gastman

Its a nice book – layout is cool, lots of full page A4 bleeds with random photos he’s compiled over the years.

I wouldnt say its an out-and-out graf book but its definetly one for the collection.

My favourite section is the Graf Swatch Watch above and also the full spread of Spraypaint can characters

Anyway read the full blurb here and buy here !

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wmd fanzine x napa books . . .




This looks to be a belter of a book ! Just got this mail about it so heres the official blurb –

The international graffiti collective WMD makes it’s first gallery appearance at NAPA Gallery: drawings and photos by more than 20 artists around the world including Egs, Honet, Petro, Cesar, Siege, Poe, Gues, Hence, Smart, Hefs, Ens, Ket etc. exhibition is accompanied by a limited edition WMD fanzine! Fanzine is A3 format with 52 pages printed in black and white available at the gallery and the webshop from oct 1st.

NAPA Gallery & shop, Eerikinkatu 18, 00100 Helsinki, Finland.

open wed-fri 12-18, sat 12-16

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sonar 2010 review . . .




We were lucky enough to go to Sonar Music Festival this year in Barcelona.


This was one of the best festivals Ive ever been to. Barcelona is a really cool spot and the location for Sonar is incredible. Its right in the centre of the city in the Magba Region and the daytime part of festival takes place here by the main Modern Art Gallery for Barca. You can breeze into this ridiculously designed white building and check people out giving demonstrations on how to make insane electro music on machines you didnt know existed! i felt like i was in Tron/The Cell while fucked and not being able to believe the shit i was seing and hearing.

Outside then they have layed out loads of astro turf fake grass where people are chilling listening to one main massive stage – then round the back the Red Bull tent. The place is surrounded with bars and food spots. The only annoying part is queuing to buy a beer ticket then queuing to buy the beer? But thats not even a complaint.

The backstage VIP spot was done up like Tatoine (Luke Skywalkers gaf) from Star Wars. Adidas sponsored this so there was all the Star Wars x Adidas colab shoes and shit. It was amazing.

At night the event starts late and goes till the next day. Its about a tenner in a taxi outside city centre in a massive disused factory space. There are two main massive indoor parts then a larger open air spot with bars and tables etc. This was a dope venue. Dodgem cars and shit. People having a laugh and loads of freaks. No trouble tho and now fucks giving any kind of grief to anyone. Security etc but no heavies and no one getting frisked or stung. It ends 12am then the streets outside are fully of people selling beers and food. its a buzz – then  a bus into city to keep drinking.

Saw Hudson Mohawke – really good set but the MC was killing it a little for me.

Flying Lotus was cool but on after Sugar Hill Gang which was a weird blend of musics?

Too Many Dj’s were dope – the visuals more so. That thing they have for the Justice Tune of the Black n White demon eating people? incredible ! it was more like a teenage disco jumping around like a loonatic to Nirvana and Joy Division

Next night was tamer with every person on a european love/pill buzz going to the Chemical Brothers – who i fuckin hate… so we just got fucked and went on the dodgem cars. the sweet thing is that there is people walking round with a beer container backpack thing selling beers – so we just made him stay next to us the whole time

Dizzie Rascal was alright for a sway and karaoke ting

Overall this a really cool and laid back festival with a well run set up. The venues are perfect and Barcelona is one of the most chilled and graffed cities in the world. 6 pack of beers for under €5? Anything else you want available and cheap? Daytime tagging sprees? HDA destroying the city? Pfffff dont even worry about it . . .

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Just got sent this book today from the good people over at Laurence King Publishing.

Its always nice to receive anything for free – but this book is really nice. The binding,paper and layout are all top drawer. It focuses on all Asian graffiti – with some tourist pieces thrown in too. My favourite shit is definetly the Suiko and ImaOne work from Japan – those guys are supremely talented. (nice Insa calabo also featured)

Theres a massive MSK/West Coast influence with alot of the styles – especially with Sayme and Cider reppin’ it over there. Smart Crew / Wanto / Sect always official – nice features in this also. Dabs is also fresh and the Canadian/Taipei link is a good one ( surprised not to see Optimist featured though)

But yeah – really nice book , from a geek point of view – amazing binding and layout . . .

Go get it here – and read the ‘official’ review if you want more information . . .

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✖ SONAR 2010 ✚



Getnloose are proud to reveal that We have been kindly given press passes for this years Sonar Festival in Barcelona. . .

We are unbelievably happy to have gotten entry into the festival and we are hoping to cover it daily with interviews and a photo diary of all the shit we see, people we meet etc . . .

We are going to be covering the less commercial music and artists at the event as well as a lot of coverage of the showcase stages and the LuckyMe Stage in particular(Mike Slott  and friends). We are travelling with the good people from All City Records who have recent releases with some of the artists featured at Sonar. . . Stay tuned because this ones guna be lively !

Sonar Festival


All City Records

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Just got this FRESH book in the post ! I really like the paper stock , layout and size of this book and for the price – i think everyone should cop it quickly before its snapped up .

It features our favourites – Smash137 , Odisy HA aswell as man others – (Rainman also included – one of my all time favourite tags )

Alot is in black and white with some color sections but its really well made and I think youre gunna like it

Get it here and dont be a crumb  ! !

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I got this book for christmas of my beautiful girlfriend – who looks at this blog. I wouldnt have bought it personally – because Im trying not to buy loads of graf books to add to a ridiculous collection. BUT – this book is really good, the design of it is my favourite part.

Its made by  YKO + LEK from France – YKO on the design front. . . It basically the two of them breaking down the alphabet page by page – each one of them doing 2 pages for each letter. LEK’s are more hand drawn and raw while the YKO ones are more computer/vector based – but really fresh in some cases.

Then the go an interview some  graff writers from France – Gorey ( the don ) , Horphe, Poch , Jay One etc . . . The interviews are short and sweet but a good insight – kind of a more personal insight into their philosophies on painting. Any book with Gorey in it gets my vote. Nice book, lovely layout and real nice cover. Really good for the collection and kinda makes me want to make my own book on Irish graffiti .

Buy it here !

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The longly anticipated wait -(for me) for this book ended yesterday. I have read this book cover to cover and its banging like a benzie…

European graffiti for me was only London up until the age of 18/19 and seing the shit over there when i was 13 got me hooked- particularly the massive FUME DDS trackside blockbuster in crome/black/red final in old Wild Western style text fuckin blew my mind completely.

This book is really well made with some very rare interviews with some of the best and most imfamous. The point to come from it is that after the landmark jail sentances for the DPM crew – graf has become an even tuffer sport and risk in a country that saw earlier generations get away with more but over time that became even more Krypton factor-esque…

The fotos are fuckin amazing too – Teach stands out…

This book is similar in the rarity of the interviewed people to the Overground books but i prefer the London heads interviewed.

I did think it was a little strange Revok MSK got a 4page inclusion for a 2week long stay in the city? he did kill it and is worthy of most books but the likes of Oker,Bise,Skore didnt get a look in , and Banos & Pubes who were also on the Revok tourist painting spree didnt get a mention?

doesnt detract from the book – its fuckin dope !

go buy it now

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